We  definitely recommend Steve Fryer to be your Realtor!

 Steve did an amazing job assisting with the sale of our home, He was very innovative in helping us sell our home in Idaho and made some suggestion’s which helped it sell. Subsequently he helped us find and acquire our new home here in Washington   

 I found Steve to be on top of things and going above and beyond our expectations, often following up with other real estate brokers, in both Idaho and here in Washington, to insure things got done.  He was a pleasure to work with and is very knowledgeable about the real-estate process.   


Joel & Jessica Diaz

USAF Retired

Tacoma, WA


Steve helped me sell my home for more!

I had my rental home listed on Zillow’s “Make Me Move” site at an attractive price, and still had a tenant in the home for another 2 months, when Steve approached me about representing my home on the market.  I had been approached by many other realtors over the past few months, but Steve’s innovative approach (sent me a comprehensive packet in the mail highlighting the skills and abilities he would bring to support me) that made the difference.  I gave him a call and his response to the myriad of questions I fired at him confirmed he was the right choice for my realtor.

Steve was a pleasure to work with.  Throughout the ups and downs of getting the home interior painted, the deck repaired, power washed, and stained, new carpets and vinyl on all floors, touchup to exterior paint and some wood replacements, it was Steve was the one who identified contractors who could do the work.  He allowed me to make the decision, but provided names that I could vet who were in the local area, which I was not.  Steve was there for me and I could contact him 24/7 by text, phone call, email, etc.

Probably the best thing about working with Steve was his knowledge of the local area, the market, and how to do the forms/negotiate the deals, that were his true value.  I know I garnered at least $30K more for the sale of the house than I would have, had I elected to continue to do it on my own.  I truly appreciated Steve’s professionalism, calm demeanor, and positive attitude. 

Sam Shrimpton


Steve Quickly Sold Our Home !

Steve was so helpful in every step of the process of us selling our home. His knowledge and commitment to us was top notch!  We couldn’t be more satisfied with what he helped us with. Our house went up for sale on the 16th of July and on the 19th we got an offer; WOW!! We highly recommended him.

Ana  & Galen ,

Spanaway, WA. 

Steve Helped Us Buy Our First Home!

What to say about Steve...for starters, Steve is incredibly knowledgeable about the current trends in     the local market. He knew exactly what sort of offer we should make in order to save us both time and money as well as how to use our VA Loan.

Steve worked tirelessly around the clock to work around our busy schedules to help us complete paperwork, inspections, and walk throughs. He helped us find a perfect home that hit everything on our list. Steve’s professionalism exceeded expectations and made our home buying process a breeze.

Steve didn’t stop helping us after our sale closed. Right after closing we had a plumbing fiasco and Steve was the first on the scene. He started contacting previous plumbers who did work during the closing process and contacted the Sellers agent for us. Steve was there for us even after his job was completed, this didn’t stop him from going above and beyond. Not only did we receive an amazing deal on our dream home thanks to Steve, we also walked away with a friend!”


Madison & Truitt

Spanaway, WA.

Steve Helped Me With An Unfortunate Situation

To anyone who is looking for help in the real estate world I would highly recommend Steve Fryer.

As a first time home buyer and being in a rather unfortunate situation where I had to short sell my home Steve made the process simple and straight forward. The real estate game can be complicated, however, with Steve’s guidance I was able to get my house on the market and sold under the estimated time frame. What I appreciate most about Steve is his patience and professionalism. It is not always easy being the mediator between a client and lone company, but Steve has a way of making any companies requirements simple to understand. His expertise in his field is incomparable and I greatly appreciate the service he provided. There were many times in which I felt I wanted to be done with the process and he did not once try to convince me otherwise for his own benefit. 

I rate him five stars and could not thank him enough.

A.W. Baker, Puyallup, WA.


"In Steve We Trust!"

Buying a house stateside while stationed overseas was VERY stressful.  We did a lot of research trying to find the RIGHT agent with the MOST experience.  After a long and tedious search we contacted Steve.  And yes, in Steve we trust!  It was one of the best decisions we ever made.  Steve was very committed, dedicated and passionate to his profession.  His unparalleled work ethic, commitment to excellence and trustworthiness were second to none.  Thank you Steve for a job well done!. You have my highest recommendation.

The Sun Family,

Lacey, WA.

Steve found our dream home

"Steve was very patient, honest and professional through our home buying experience. It was difficult and time intensive to find the right home in this extremely limited housing market. Inventory was incredibly low, multiple offers at each, escalating well above asking price and our budget. It was frustrating but Steve was there, supporting and encouraging us every step of the way. We finally found the perfect one, thanks to Steve's hard work that seemed effortless to him. His exceptional experience helped us complete the buying process quickly without a hitch! Thank you for everything Steve!

- Robert & Lynette Portello, Puyallup, WA

Steve did a great job

"To whom it may concern,

I needed to sell my property in Puyallup and I was very blessed and fortunate enough to stumble across Steve Fryer. From the moment I spoke to him I knew he was just the person I needed to manage my very difficult and delicate situation. Steve not only had great tenure in his field he was also very knowledgeable. He was consistent and maintained an optimum level of professionalism at all times. Another great thing about Steve was he was always honest, direct, and optimistic. Overall, Steve was able to achieve the results I needed...my house sold! If I had to give Steve any type of scoring he would get five stars. Thanks for everything! An amazing realtor and wonderful human being."

- Karen Reid, Puyallup, WA

Steve helped us buy our first home

"I most highly recommend Steve Fryer to be your REALTOR. Steve went above and beyond to meet my family’s needs in any way that he could. When my wife and I were extremely busy with both of us working and planning our full wedding Steve was always checking in with us, seeing if we liked any of the houses he sent us, and just doing more than any other realtor I have seen. Originally we talked to Steve about 2 years ago for purchasing a house. I am active army and at the time my unit was said to maybe be deploying so getting a house was not priority. So at the time the best option for us was a apartment. Still even though we weren�t really keeping in good contact with Steve he was with us. He never stopped looking for houses for us, and never stopped sending us updates. So in Oct/Nov 2016 time frame we were ready to purchase a house. Steve was already ready for us and looking for houses with our specifications. Within no time at all Steve found us our house and helped us with all the paperwork for the mortgage and the lender and everything. This was our first time buying a house and it was a lot to take in. Steve was there with us every step of the way.

I will highly recommend Steve Fryer to anyone who is on the market to purchase a new home. Steve goes above and beyond for his buyers with everything he does. He is a great person.


- Dane Van De Laar, Eatonville, WA.

Steve sold our home in record time.


We wanted to take some time out to tell you thank you! Thank you for your helpfulness, efficiency and for being so very thorough. We were very discouraged once we came to the realization we would have to do a short sale on our home. We had tried to do a short sale once before and after a year of our home on the market there were still no results. You were able to get our home on the market and sold in such a short amount of time we are still shocked. You were so very professional and made what we thought to be an insurmountable task into such an easy accomplishment. Thank you for always being so very prompts and always keeping us informed on all developments. I feel confident that all of your future clients will be just as impressed and very fortunate to have you working with them. It was a pleasure working with you Steve and thank you again for all of your help."


- Angela & Demond Thomas, Puyallup, WA.

Selling and Buying, Steve did a great job!

"Steve helped us sell our house and buy a new one, all under 45 days! Steve is very knowledgeable and is a go-getter. He did an amazing job negotiating with the buyers of our old home and got us and incredible over the asking price sale! We had a dead line of 30 days to close. Steve was able to help us close on a house in our target area. It was not easy, but he was able to make it happen."

Thanks Steve!

- Peter & Julie Doble, Parkland, WA

Steve Solved My problem

"Last year, my husband and I found ourselves in a very tough situation with a rental property that we had for over ten years. We were under water with the mortgage and made the difficult decision to move forward with a short sale. Unfortunately, we had one of the most difficult loan companies to work with. However, this did no steer Steve away and he gladly took us in as his clients.

Steve took an issue that had been taken over our lives and took in on. I was able to grant him access to my lender and he became the primary communicator with this lending company. My job was just to get Steve what he needed in a timely manner. He handled all communication even at times when they would not answer his calls or reply to him in a timely matter. To make matters worse, our buyer had some issues towards closing and Steve had to ask the lender for two extension which were miraculously granted.

During this difficult time, Steve was extremely knowledgeable, patient and persistent. He was always honest with what was going on even if the news were not good. His level of professionalism and willingness to help was encouraging and when all was said and done, I know that Steve put 1000% to get the deal to the finish line.

I will be forever grateful to the receptionist at John L. Scott that transferred me to the short sale specialist in the office. Thanks to Steve, I put to rest a problem that I had been dealing with for over two years. If you are in the market for a real estate agent for ANY purchase or sale I strongly recommend Steve but especially short sales because I know that the knowledge that he has on the subject and his dedication and hard work will get the deal done for you."

- Yesica Trujillo, Bonney Lake.WA.

Steve Listed and sold my home

"Steve was a lifesaver when I was in a very difficult situation. My wife was deployed when the Army moved me to Missouri and we really needed to sell our house in Washington. He showed the utmost patience and professionalism when dealing with our long distance situation. Steve went above and beyond what the average realtor would do to help someone in my situation. He educated me on the selling process and kept me well informed every step of the way, even though I was often very hard to get a hold of. Without even being asked to, he spent his own time and energy to ensure the house stayed in compliance with my HOA, saving me from potentially receiving fines while I was unable to maintain on my own. His big heart and high regard for military men and women still shows after the sale as he takes time to contact me on occasion just to see how I'm doing and to thank me for my serving. I cannot thank Steve enough for the service he provided me and my family and I highly recommend him to everyone."

- Doug Lord, Spanaway, WA

Steve helped us with a short sale

"There is no one better to handle a short sale!

I never thought my husband and I would be in a position where we would have to short sale our home. We were fearful, embarrassed, and pretty much at the end of our rope. We got Steve's information from a good family friend and we are so glad he was the one handling, what we thought would be, a relatively easy short sale process. We couldn't have been more wrong...between losing two buyers, dealing with a ridiculous loan holder, and having some serious issues come up in an inspection, this was no easy process. Thankfully, Steve stuck with us throughout the entire 11 month ordeal. He remained positive, gave great advice, and kept us sane when we felt like it was a lost cause. He sincerely cared about our family and we are so thankful for his tremendous service! I will recommend him over and over to anyone looking to buy or sell!

"- Michele Dyer, Puyallup

Steve did a great job for me!

"Due to circumstances I never thought would happen in my lifetime, I found myself in the situation where the property I owned was worth considerably less than we owed, a divorce happened and then my ex-spouse passed away, while my job changed to where my income was reduced by about 40%, at least for the short term. The house became unaffordable and after talking with the lender, a short sale was proposed. After almost 2 years dealing with the lender, who turned down deal after deal, (several for more than it actually sold for in the end), Steve Fryer was able to take over dealing with the lender, put parties together and get the house sold. Steve's participation was around 3-4 months while the other went on for 2 years....and never did get done.

Steve's efforts and expertise managed to get this chapter finally closed. He kept me in the loop at all times and persevered until it was done. I would recommend him to anyone looking to buy, sell, or deal in the real estate market."

- Ron brown, Puyallup, WA.

Steve Fryer helped me with a difficult short sale

"Due to multiple life circumstances I needed to short sale my home. I didn't want to go into bankruptcy. I didn't want to foreclose. I've always had good credit so this was the next best option without damaging my credit long term. A friend of mine recommended Steve Fryer to help me out with my home. From the very beginning I had no regrets. Steve was exactly what I needed for my situation. He tackled my short sale from day one. He made me feel comfortable. He heard me out. Most of all he kept me in the loop throughout the entire process. We had ups and downs with the short sale. We had road blocks and difficulties but we continued to work together for the common goal. In the end he told me he couldn't have sold my home without my hard work but the truth is it was Steve's hard work and dedication to my sale that made it easy for me to do the things that needed to be done. I would highly recommend Steve Fryer to anyone looking to sell or buy a home. His experience, friendliness and work ethic set him apart. Sincerely thank you for everything Steve."

- Devin Dilay, Spanaway,WA

Steve Listed and sold my home.

"Steve was a great help in assisting me to sell a property in November 2015. I had used Steve's services previously in 2014 and when I had wanted to sell this parcel I had no question that I would use Steve again as he handled the previous sale flawlessly. (I would not, to say the least, say the same for my experiences with other real estate agents). My experience was similar this time around. For example, he immediately lined me up with a good contractor to get the property fixed up, he kept me well informed throughout the entire transaction, I had 2 offers the first week after the property was listed, and received an above asking price sale. I recommend him highly and if the time comes for me to sell another property I would certainly use Steve again."

- Bob Jacobson, Graham, WA.

We Bought and Sold with Steve

"Steve First off I want to say thanks from Marie and I. We have been very fortunate ti have you as our real estate adviser and friend. The commitment that you have shown us is far more than we ever expected. We appreciate the knowledge and professionalism that you bring to the table and I will continue to recommend you to my coworkers and friends. Respectfully, Dave and Marie Smith"

- SGT Dave and Marie Smith,Spanaway,WA

Steve did a great job for us.

"I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Steve Fryer as a real estate agent. Throughout the entire process of selling our home he was professional, conscientious, and motivated. He was never too busy to answer any questions or concerns we had. I appreciated Steve’s calm reassurance and expert advice throughout the entire process. I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Steve Fryer as a Realtor. I wish him well and know that he will be very successful for years to come."

- Melissa Strobel, Puyallup, WA

Steve helped me with a tough short sale.

"I had what seemed like an impossible short sale for my home. I had never sold a home, let alone done a short sale. Needless to say I was clueless. The process was so stressful, it felt like an emotional roller coaster. I think it was fate that brought me to Steve, because he was exactly the kind of agent that I needed. He was so knowledgeable on the process, and always put my mind at ease. Even after I moved out of state he always kept me in the loop, answered all my questions even the silly ones. I know I wasn’t his only client but he always made me feel like I was. He always had time for me. It felt like he was always just up the road if I needed him. He went above and beyond what I ever expected. He even checked on my vacant house several times after I moved away, even ensuring my pipes didn’t burst during the winter months. I honestly could go on all day about Steve. He's just a wonderful person both professionally and personally. I would recommend him a million times. Seriously, he's amazing!"

- Kelly Marchante, Puyallup,WA.

Steve helped us sell our home

"Where to start. Steve is one of the most compassionate people I've ever met. We were in a short sale situation and he helped us through every step of the way. His knowledge is amazing and his work ethic is above reproach. We will use him when we are in a position to buy our next home. It would be nice to see all Realtors be more like him. He made our experience much easier as short sales, no matter what the reason, are extremely emotional. His ability to keep everyone calm during the process was greatly appreciated. I feel honored to have such a great person in our life."

- Laura McCrary, Graham, WA.

Steve helped us sell our home

"Steve is absolutely Amazing!!!! He was very attentive and caring. He totally went above and beyond for us throughout our entire process! He made sure we had ALL the latest information, kept us updated the whole way through. Steve is very sincere and honest in the most respectful way. Steve, thank you so much for not only helping us sell our house, but also for your huge heart and integrity! You are truly amazing, blessed and gifted. Thank you!!!!"

- The Croons, Renton, WA

Steve Helped me sell my home

"Steve was a great help help in assisting me to sell a property a few months ago. He was great throughout the process. For example, he helped me line up people to get the property fixed up,he met contractors on the property, he was effective in negotiations with the buyer's agent and he kept me informed throughout. Everything went very smoothly. i recommend him highly and when the time comes for me to sell another property I will use him."

- Bob Jacobson, Seattle, WA

Steve helped us sell our home

"Steve recently completed a short sale for my husband and I without home in Puyallup. WA. We are a military family (recently retired) that were PCS'd to Georgia and had decided to make Georgia our home. You can imagine the stress of being thousands of miles away and never meeting your real estate in person.

This was the absolute best real estate transaction we've ever experienced. We'd heard horror stories regarding short sales but Steve kept us updated with each and every change, He was always available for contact and to answer and to answer questions and he made the paperwork not seem like so much ( as best he could) Our short sale was complete within three months. Thank you Steve for making such a positive experience and a smooth transaction "across the miles"...."

- Constance Warner , Puyallup, WA.

Steve helped me Sell my home

"Steve went over and beyond what I EVER had a Realtor go before. He has worked hard and diligently to sell our home. He has provided every opportunity for buyers to see and select out home. i have the utmost respect for Steve and his techniques to sell homes. He is the hardest working Realtor I have ever known."

- Michelle Cauffman, Spanaway, WA.

Steve helped me buy a home

"I was trying to get a good deal on a HUD repo. Over a period of 3 months Steve wrote up no less than 8 separate offers for me on different properties i was interested in. Steve's attitude and diligence in dealing with my requirements was impeccable and I would highly recommend him for any of your buying or selling needs."

- Dave Brubach, Spanaway, WA.